photo of custom cards for greenberries

We love custom book & print projects. Here's a card made especially for greenberries, a children's and maternity boutique. Each card traveled four times through a hand-powered letterpress to build up the layers of block-printed color in the image and to create the custom-printed logo on the back.

photo of custom journals for Carleton College

When Carleton College students traveled to the South Pacific in 2015 on study abroad, they took these hand-bound books with block print covers for their field drawing course. Each carefully crafted, hand-stitched book has letterpress-printed covers and endsheets with hand-carved designs. We specialize in designing and binding exceptionally-crafted books that accentuate our clients' content. From single books to larger editions, our custom books are hand-stitched using durable, archival materials for a beautiful, functional finished product.

photo of grackle party cards

custom card design

original block print cards to match your message, printed with exceptional care

photo of new block prints

custom journals

blank book editions with custom-designed block print covers

photo of new softcover journals

custom letterpress

add custom letterpress text to a card, print, or book project

photo of album

custom albums

unique, individual books designed to fit your content

photo of greenberries grackle card

custom structures

we create forms to fit function—for menu books, display books, and presentations

photo of sampler class examples

custom folios

exquisite cloth-wrapped hardcover cases for menus, portfolios, and chapbooks

your custom print & book questions answered:

What are the options for custom card & print designs?

There is really no limit to the options when we work together to design a custom printed project for you. Every project starts with a sketch and will go through a design and approval process to make sure it's exactly as you want.

What's different about custom-made, hand-bound books?

We construct each part of your book completely by hand from all archival materials and with a design that accentuates the content or purpose of the book. A hand-stitched and reinforced spine is much stronger than a machine-made glue-based binding, and your book, treated properly of course, will last a lifetime and beyond. The quality of a hand-bound book shines through in small details like precisely turned cover corners and stitching with waxed linen thread, so that anyone holding your finished custom book will recognize it as a book unlike others.

How much does it cost for a custom project?

We quote each project individually, so please send us a note for an estimate on your particular project. Here are some ballpark numbers for our custom services:
A custom-designed block print card starts at $200 plus printing at $2.50/card with a minimum of 100 cards.
Letterpress printing for 100 1-color impressions starts at $240, plus materials.
Single case, coptic, or post-bound albums start at $300, plus materials.
Custom book structures and editions will vary widely depending on style, size, and quantity—from $50/book in an edition of 30 or more.
Wrapped covers start at $20/cover in an edition of 30 or more.

Can you do a leather binding for me?

I do not work with leather but I know some great binders who do. If you're set on leather, send me a note and I'll be happy to refer you to someone who can help.

Can you repair a book for me?

I am not a book conservator, and I only do new construction of books. I'm willing in some circumstances to take the original content of an old book and put it into a new binding, with the understanding that the value of the original book will not be preserved. I'd be happy to recommend a conservator for you to consult for the repair/re-binding of valuable books.